MaritimeHearing-09ret-214x300The Owner & President of Maritime Hearing Solutions Inc. 

Holly’s passion for this industry began back in 1998, when both of her sons were diagnosed with hearing loss.  Being born hearing impaired herself, she began wearing hearing devices at the age of seven.  After her sons’ diagnosis, she knew that her personal experiences could go far in helping others who were going through the same thing.  She wanted to specialize in hearing devices and was determined to change peoples’ lives.

She became licensed as a Hearing Instrument Specialist in 2006 and completed her Board Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences in 2010.

Holly was determined to pursue her dream to completion and opened her own hearing clinic in Truro in 2011 and opened her second clinic in Elmsdale in 2014.

Her business background, combined with the challenges of a hearing loss, and 40 years of first-hand experience in wearing devices, were definitely assets in becoming a successful clinic owner.  She strives to help those struggling with communication difficulties, educating them on what is going on with their hearing, and how to take the next step to improve it and change their lives for the better, reconnecting them with those they love and the things they used to love to do.  Her sincerity, warmth, and outgoing sense of humor, puts her clients at ease immediately.

As Holly likes to say, “Deciding on the best solution for your hearing loss is so much easier with someone who knows first-hand what you’re going through, to guide you, support you and provide the right solution for you.”

Come in and meet Holly and her motivated team, and start living your life naturally again.